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River Street

River Street is a part of Clever Eco Series, providing a new benchmark in sustainable dwellings by integrating environmental savvy methodologies and technologies to produce a truly avant-garde design.

This highly sustainable design is achieved with orientation, north, north-east or north-west in mild and cool temperate zones. The architecture comprises a rectangular floor plan with a central streamlined roof pitched to allow optimum winter solar gain, solar hot water and photovoltaic solar systems. The Clever Eco Series is available in a premium or basic design, depending upon client needs. The floor plan is flexible with a range of 1, 2, 3 or 4 bedrooms featuring European style kitchen, chic bathroom, home office, library, entertainment area, walk-in-pantry, gallery, external entertaining decks and carport /garage.

This Series is Clever Design’s commitment to a sustainable future for Australian residential design and low carbon footprint dwellings.

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