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Eco Castle

Located on a remote site on the edge of Tasmania’s south-west Arve Forest, this home is totally autonomous with no power or water on the site. 


It has a stand-alone powered photo-voltaic solar powered system with a series of water tanks housed under the external decks and a self-composting toilet for managing waste.  The dramatic high pitched curving roofs characterise the home and at the same time create the right pitch for the solar panels. 


Thermal storage systems, double-glazed units and high levels of insulation contribute to the home’s passive solar gain.  Striking a chord with general public and its rural surrounds, this home is an exemplar of how occupants can live sustainably and more economically.


  • National Award - Environmentally Sustainable & Energy Efficient Buildings – Building Designer’s Association of Australia (BDAA) - 2008

  • Best Energy Efficient Design – Residential – Building Designer’s Association of Victoria. (BDAV) - 2008

  • Award of Excellence – Tasmania – Building Designer’s Association of Tasmania (BDAT) - 2007

  • Best Environmental & Energy Efficient Buildings – BDAT - 2007

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