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C-Bridge House

The monolithic hovering lightweight “CEE” form is the catalyst of the design in juxtaposition with an extended glazed cantilevered form. This conception enabled spaces to accommodate multiple purposes for living, entertaining and capitalising the water views. The central glazed form designed to provide rear sheltered private external entertaining, accessible from multiple living zones cleverly providing a ‘see- thru’ transparent vista from the rear alfresco area while maintaining privacy in the backyard.


Double height “super green” glazed section pronounces the entrance together with an internal concrete bridge providing natural zoning of flexible living spaces. Upon ascending the entry stairs, the upper story internal concrete bridge provides the central view platform to the amazing water vista and natural zoning of the flexible living spaces either side separated with glass dividing walls and doors.


Overall, the innovative design demonstrates a functional and responsive resolve for a narrow steep site exemplifying  an understated luxury in functionally and aesthetics in harmony with the holistic contemporary minimalist clean lines throughout.


  • Bathroom Design of the Year 2022 – Housing Industry Association (HIA)

  • Dwelling Construction $1M - $2M in Conjunction with Delaney & Co. 2022 MBA

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