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About us

Our passion is pursuing excellence and challenging conventional. We oppose mediocrity to deliver creative, dynamic and pragmatic sustainable building design solutions.

Why are we different?

  • 100% buildable designs is our core philosophy

  • Our methodologies are designed in a holistic 3D BIM environment

  • Our designs evolve from “prioritising the place” and analysis of site-specific micro-climatic conditions

Mike Cleaver

Founder and principal of Clever Design, Mike has gained a national reputation for his niche in sustainable, contemporary and innovative design.  Mike’s career has spanned over three decades in both the Design & Building industries.  Furthermore, his extensive experience as an educator in Building Studies and Advanced Diploma of Building Design has provided him with an invaluable depth of knowledge for delivering creative, dynamic and pragmatic building design outcomes termed what Mike refers to as a “responsible design practitioner”.

Mike has been the recipient of over 100 National and State design awards including 2023 Design Matters National - East Coast Awards, 2023 HIA Tasmania Home of the Year Award, 2013 HIA Australian Home of the Year, 2012 BDAV Building Design of the Year in sustainable, residential, interior and commercial designs.  A highlight of his career is his self-published book 'Sustainable Clever Design' .



Clever Design is proud to be the recipient of over 100 design awards of excellence at State and National levels.  Of significance is the Tasmanian HIA-CSR Home of the Year 2023 (Otago Edge), Australian HIA-CSR Home of the Year 2013 (Rumney Rest), National Building Design Award (Chilled Form), Victorian Design of the Year (Out There), National Award of Excellence (Leonardoz Restaurant) and National Environmentally Sustainable & Energy Efficient Award for Eco Castle 2007, which occurred at a time when sustainability begun to gain global momentum.


See each project for individual awards.


Featuring a selection of Clever Design articles in various media.


Design Matters National - Featuring Otago Edge

Winning Design 2014

‘Chilled Form’ - award winning innovative, sustainable design


featuring Award Winning ‘Rumney Rest’ Home 2013

Professional in Profile

featuring award winning Clever Design methodologies

Winning Design 2012

‘Out There’ BDAV Building Design of the Year

Angular Abode

National Award Winning Q-Two House

Tasmanian Treasure

Clever Design, 7a Urban Footprint National Award Winning Home


Sustainable Clever Design

Cutting edge sustainable and contemporary designs by multi-award-winning founder and principal, Mike Cleaver of Clever Design is featured in this hardcover book.

The portfolio of 17 projects provides an exclusive insight into the design methodologies of the award-winning projects featuring videos, 3D renders, plans and stunning photography.

An awe-inspiring book that will interest those with a passion for innovative, contemporary and sustainable architecture.

Price = $45 + $20 freight to an Australian Addresses only

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